Pregnancy is so, so incredibly magical and I marvel at women’s ability to grow and expand and create whole humans. I will NEVER not be amazed at what a woman’s body can do. Send was one of the most gracious and kind human beings and was such a trooper on this sticky, humid day. I can’t wait to meet her baby girl!


Graduation is such an exciting time. Better still when you’ve been blessed enough to watch the graduate grow into a fully-realized adult. The world better watch out for this one!

Milena | GMU Graduate Session | Class of 2017

I seriously can not believe how beautiful Milena is. I mean, LOOK AT HER! Bonus? She’s smart, kind and basically you should just remember this name and face for your own good.

M + J

When I tell you all that I have been #BLESSED with the best brides, it is no exaggeration. They are easygoing, fun and beautiful – I WIN! Maddy and Joey’s Annapolis wedding was so absolutely gorgeous and just a really lovely day after we’d experienced about 3 straight days of rain.


I’ve known Lacretia online for forever and so when the universe aligned and she reached out to let me know she’d be in DC and would like to get photographed I was beyond excited! We shoot these photos in and around Georgetown and as you can see – she was a fantastic model. She has such an incredibly warm smile and the best Southern lilt when she talks.

E + J

I’m hoping that 2017 brings me more and more maternity sessions that were as lovely as this one was. Shot in and around the Georgetown waterfront and canals, E + J were up for any and everything I asked of them and the result are some amazing, amazing images. Bonus: how perfect and lovely is J’s bump?


This is Brandon – a dancer, a creative, and as you see more of these images – just an all-around interesting human being. We photographed this photos in and around his Georgetown condo in Washington, DC – I love them because they really and truly feel reflective of who he is.

Tia + Tiara

Sometimes the Universe aligns just so and people come into your life with incredible ease – such is the case with Tia and Tiara. These engagement photos are so special to me because they really capture their comfort with one another, their quick laughter and all of their love.

Abdi Family

One of the things I really do love is when I get to work with clients again and again to establish relationships. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the The Abdi family before and this session features most of them and look how much time has flown by! Bonus: A BABY IN A BOW TIE!