The Coker-Robinson Family | MD Maternity Photographer

I adore maternity sessions! I especially adore maternity sessions where everyone just can’t stop smiling and these moms’ smiles are particularly fantastic! I love the celebration of new life and just seeing people who are in love about to being a new journey – hoping that in the days and months to come that I get to do so much more of this!

The A Family | Northern VA Family Photographer

I am 100% biased because these shining faces are my family but will you look at my nieces? How beautiful are they? I would also be remiss in my Aunt duties if I didn’t tell you how smart, kind and loving they are. They are essentially perfect, but like I said – I’m biased :D We took these photos at the beautiful Green Spring Gardens park at the tail end of summer to celebrate their parents’ 10th anniversary and I adore them.

Sean + Ashleen | Cape May, NJ Wedding Photographer

The say that rain is good luck on your wedding day but you know what’s even better? When it goes away and leaves behind a bunch of soft light and gentle breeze. Sean and Ashleen’s Cape May wedding was so lovely. Full of laughter and a relaxed vibe – everything felt so pure to who they are as a couple, right down to Sean getting out his Harley for us to take some photos.

Sarah Lake of Now Or Never Coaching | DC Headshot Photographer

Headshots don’t have to be stuffy. Headshots don’t have to be stuffy. No matter what your professional life entails, headshots don’t need to be taken in a studio or all be incredibly buttoned up. This is Sarah, of Now Or Never Coaching, a DC Metro based holistic life coach. These photos taken in and around the Washington, DC reflecting bowl and the iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl restaurant on U St or so vibrant and approachable. I encourage everyone to think outside of the box when it comes to headshots, there are so many incredible opportunities for creativity.

The B Family | Northern VA Family Photographer

One of the best parts of my job is getting to watch children and families grow. This was my second photographing The B family and if it is at all humanly possible, baby Ashlyn is even more beautiful than her first set of photographs.

B + Liz | Maryland Farm Wedding

As a self-professed professional wedding attendee – the best weddings are the ones that are a true reflection of the couple. Having said that, I can tell you with 100% confidence that B and Liz’s farm wedding was SO who they are. Every detail was thoughtful, inspired and organic – just like the two of them.

B Family | Northern VA Maternity Photographer

I am self-professed baby lover, even when they’re in utero! There’s something so lovely and special about maternity photos – the happiness surrounding the promise of a new, beautiful life is just such a fantastic time.

The Carters | Rockville, MD Couples Photographer

Last year, I did a bunch of fantastic mini sessions closer to the holidays and happily, The Carters were one of my couples. These were taken to be used for holiday cards but honestly – I love them so much because they look happy and in love!

Ellison B. | Silver Spring, MD Children’s Photographer

I’ve been photographing this little nugget of joy since he was in utero and honestly – it’s just so, so amazing to watch his little personality develop and grow. I mean – look at this little face!