Marell + Maria | Pasadena, MD Wedding Photographer

2017 found me photographing an incredible amount of weddings near water or on beaches and I loved every, single one of them. Marell and Maria’s Pasadena, MD wedding was held on a lovely waterfront and was so sweet and lovely and this light? THIS LIGHT. I want to be able to pack it in my camera bag and take it everywhere I go to work.

Heidi of Develop Coaching | Northern VA Headshot Photographer

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt relaxed and knew that you were destined to be friends? That is 100% the feeling that I got with Heidi while updating her headshot photos. If you are seeking help with personal development or career coaching I sincerely could not recommend her enough to you. Get more info on her website. And, this is yet another reminder that headshots need not be stuffy nor taken in studio. They are just as effective as these which were taken in and around Washington, DC!

The Abate Family

I’ve said this before but I think it needs to be repeated – PHOTOS MAKE GREAT GIFTS! Gift the grandparents in your life a session with their grandchildren – you will win at gift-giving and create unforgettable memories for your loved ones! This late summer session with Sofia and her grandparents is so, so sweet and one I think they’ll remember in the years to come.

Chris + EJ

I love everything about these photos because they just feel like happiness to me. I will never grow tired of being in the presence of people who love and respect one another and these two are definitely no exception.

I love these photos with my whole heart!

The Osei Family

An extended family who hadn’t been in the same place in a very long time, twins, and a ridiculously adorable toddler? Check. Check. Check. Family photos are important. They’ll outlive us all and they’re so incredibly nice to have to remind of us moments gone by.

S + S II | Washington, DC Kids Photographer

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I photographed these two!

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a set of siblings who adore each other as much as these two and it’s just so fun to watch.

Baby K | Maryland Newborn Photographer

Bring me all your babies! I will cuddle them, I will swaddle them and talk in that annoying baby voice! Bonus – I’ll even rock them to sleep – but only so that I can take photos of them. Baby K slept a good portion of our session, there’s something so sweet and comforting about how newborns sleep as much as housecats. I suppose that it’s difficult being so cute and having milk on demand.

Lew + Cashawn | Washington, DC Elopement Photographer

Sometimes the universe lines up so, so perfectly that you can’t even believe it. On the day I met Lew + Cashawn at Meridian Hill Park (one of my favs!) – everything just seemed to be firing on all cylinders. From the gentleman who was fast approaching a milestone anniversary and gave them sage advice, to the guy on the bike who stopped to say congrats and let us know that he too was getting married at the DC courthouse on that very same day! I love moments like that, where the universe confirms that where you are and what you are doing are exactly as they should be. And when the couple looks at one another the way these two do? That’s just icing on the (wedding) cake!

The Ashfords | Washington, DC Maternity Photographer

One of the greatest and most rewarding parts of my job is watching people’s lives change right in front of my lens. From engagement to wedding and in this session, as expectant parents – I’ve been able to happily be there to document it all and I could not be more excited about their new addition – what a lucky little guy!